• PCT's GPX-P05-FA2 series framework can meet your requirements. It can be used as optical distribution frame and splice distribution frame

    Does PCT have some frames as optical distribution frames and joint distribution frames

  • Two sets of supports are provided together with FTR-P05C series distribution box and STR-P05C series splice plate. How do we use them

    These two sets of brackets are applicable to GPX-P05-FA and GPX-P05-FA1 series frames, but the panel installation dimensions are different. For GPX-P05-FA series, both sets of brackets are used for installation; For GPX-P05-FA series, only one set can be used normally and has been installed on the panel before delivery

  • In the field construction, what should we do if we cannot successfully press the cable connector

    Make sure that the component size of the cable connector matches the cable. In addition, you must check that the clamp fits into the groove in the socket joint

  • What should we do if the cross connection cabinet of the external equipment is sealed tightly

    This may be a distortion in transmission. The problem can be solved by adjusting the door

  • Why do I need to use a ribbon cable protector after stripping multiple optical fibers

    For stripped multi fiber ribbon cables, we use bare fiber sleeves for protection, so a horn shaped output port is formed around the stripped area. By using cable protectors, cables can be well protected

  • What adapters are used in the patch/connector tray and adapter plate

    We have FC, SC, LC duplex and ST types