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G/MPX-P05-KB series integrated cabinet

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G/MPX-P05-KB series integrated cabinet

Product description
G/MPX-P05-KB series integrated cabinet features:
1. 19-inch standard can be installed to install a variety of 19-inch standard equipment
2. Can be configured with various fiber fusion and wiring units
3. Can be configured with various digital units
4. It can be configured with various types of 18-port, 24-port, 48-port super five-type distribution frame and 50 pairs, 100-pair 110 modules, AC and DC power distribution modules, power sockets, etc. If necessary, a cooling fan can be installed.
5. The front and rear doors and side doors can be quickly loaded and unloaded. The front door is fitted with clear glass for easy viewing of the interior
6. Provide independent and reliable working grounding bar and chassis protection grounding
7. The main frame is welded by electrolytic plate, the surface is sprayed, and the appearance is beautiful.
8. Vertical cable troughs are provided in front and rear
9. Color: main body gray
10. Product performance indicators meet the requirements of relevant industry standards


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